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Katelyn’s Bridals at Barr Mansion

In celebration of Katelyn & Wyatt’s wedding on Friday, here are some favorites from Katelyn’s Bridal season.

Katelyn, Growing up with you and your sister are some of my best childhood memories. I remember when you were just a baby. I remember getting to hold you in my lap for the first time and feeling like I got a little sister too. I’m sorry that Karyn and I always made you be the baby or the dog every time we played house, and sometimes excluded you from our Shania dance parties :). You were such a sweet little girl and are now such a kind and beautiful young women. I am so proud of you and I’m excited for you and Wyatt and the life you will make together. Remember to pray together, give each other grace and never forget that you have family and friends that loves and support both of you.


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